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With experience from Factory racing environment Bikebuilders is here to bridge the gap from Punter to Professional.

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Road Racing Setup & Performance.

Training from MotoGP chief engineer & years of experience in Factory road racing team Bikebuilders opens its doors to offer aid to others in personal goals from racing. Consistency is the best way to achieve results no matter what level or budget which also breeds enjoyment.
Strong domestic & International relationships allows us to offer not just technical advice but also career opportunities for those who seek it. So anybody from Track Day to professional racing are catered for at Bikebuilders.

Historic Road Racing remains a passion of ours. We enjoy working with the ultra passionate historic racer and have current clients achieving results on Ducati, Honda, Yamaha & others. Over many years we have remained committed to 2strokes and their place in our past & present racing. Years of development means we are able to offer reliable & accurate data to sustain racing 2 strokes in our modern era. Contact us for more information on any of the above.

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